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Scarlett Rocourt is the creator of Wonder Curl; a product formulated specifically for natural and curly hair.  I had the pleasure of meeting Scarlett at the American Express CEO Boot Camp in NYC.

image02Ayasha:  So let’s talk about your hair product, “Wonder Curl”.  I know that consumers are always looking to find out what the newest and latest products on the market especially when it comes to hair care.


Scarlett:  Yes, anyone can use my products it doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, relaxed, or even wavy.  My line is for everybody, which is what makes my hair care line so unique.  The ingredients in Wonder Curl work in all different textures of hair. You will love it because it is the ingredients in our products nourish your specific hair type and texture. However, I say to my curly hair sisters we especially need Wonder Curl products because our hair tends to become very dry. It is because of the curls of our hair and the oils of our hair don’t get to travel down the hair shaft. Even when your hair is relaxed or straight, you probably notice the difference… so this is one of the reasons why I targeted the curly hair market.

Ayasha: When did you decide to go natural?

Scarlett:  I know that this happened to me back in 1998… I am aging myself… haha, but I had no idea what to do with my hair. There were no natural hair products on the market at the time- at least not in my area. I was telling one of my girlfriends as thick as my hair is the leave-in conditioners were basically water. I had to search high and low for the perfect leave-in conditioner that had the thickness that I needed for my hair. Curly hair needs cream, we need something that coats the hair. This is the most important thing, when I couldn’t found it I decided that it was time for me to start my own product.


Ayasha: WOW, Wonder Curl is a product based off your experience dealing with your own hair as you were challenged with finding a product that was right for you.  This is a very pro-active thing to do because most people (like myself), would have waited until someone invents a product or just put a relaxer back into my hair because I would not be able to figure out what to do with it. I applaud for you taking that risk… to have the drive to create a product for the curly hair market.  You Go Girl!!!!


image08Scarlett:  Thank you Ayasha! You know that creating or inventing a product is not for everybody. For instance, when I started to make my hair jelly one of my girlfriends said she wanted to do it too, so she tried making her own jelly, and then a month later, she quit because it was too much work. So it does take a certain personality and patience, I will tell you this- that I spent months reformulating my hair jelly and then from there you have to get to the exact way you want it to be. In addition, I have this obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to certain things, I will admit it I am obsessive so if I have an idea in my head I will not eat or sleep until it is done. That’s how I felt about the jelly. At the beginning stages of developing Wonder Curl products, I was my biggest ginny pig, so I would wash my hair two to three times, and then I would be like nope this is not right, so I kept on tweaking it.  Eventually I got the texture that I wanted.

Ayasha: How did the jelly come about?

Scarlett: I was living in Florida and you know when your hair is wet or you have conditioner in it, you can see the curl, you can see the definition & shine, however, there were no products that kept that look. I knew my curl pattern was there, but there was just no hair products that maintained it. This is what led me to create the hair jelly.

Ayasha:  Your story is so inspiring… you mentioned in the 90’s, that you decided you wanted to go natural and you were determined to make a product that catered to natural curly hair market, which had to be somewhat scary.  I know that I tried to go natural back then too and I remembered living in Philly at the time I just could not find any good natural hair products that worked well for my hair, so eventually I gave up and I ended up putting a relaxer back into my hair. I had no idea what to do with it, plus my hair breaks very easy too so I couldn’t very long without have some form of good product in my hair.

image07Scarlett:  Actually it funny that you say that- when I first went natural and put a texture onto my hair, like you I got nervous and scared as my hair was growing out. I didn’t know back then that you should never comb your hair dry. I did learn some new things about my hair along the way, at that time there weren’t as many blogs out like there are now. I guess it was a little more organic by having to search and find out how amazing aloe vera gel really is….With going natural, the key is you have to find that right hair stylist, I went to all different places trying to find someone who knew how to cut my hair.  I finally found Tameka also known as Jada Truss, at the time she was working at Crystal Salon in NYC and my girlfriend found her on the internet, she told me that I should check this place out which I did. She was the first stylist who actually showed me how to do a wash and go. I am also the type of person that watches the stylist when they do my hair so I can later on try to duplicate the style myself. When I was in college, I used to be the person that trimmed everyone’s hair in the dormitory. I am not hairstylist, but I think I have the heart of a stylist. I always thought that I could be a hairstylist, I like I mentioned before I just watched what my stylist and then practice the same techniques until I got it right. Now, I help women by teaching them those same techniques. As long as you have the techniques, the products, and of course a good hair cut, you’re good.



Ayasha:  How long has Wonder Curl been on the market?

Scarlett:  I started Wonder Curl in February of 2010, so it’s our 5 year anniversary! I actually started with the one product which is the get set hair jelly and at the time I had this very obsolete website. At the time, I was unemployed and my mother was like how are you going to start your company with no money. I told my mother don’t worry about it, I ended up finding this website that allow me to host my information, you have to create a PayPal account so I did that.  I started to get more capital and working with people then I was able to actually buy a website.  It is amazing to see in 5 years how process has been made and how far we have come.

image05Ayasha: Well, congrats on hitting your 5 year anniversary, most small businesses don’t make it to year 5, so Kudos to you.

Scarlett: Thank you!

Ayasha: Can people purchase your product in retail stores?

Scarlett: Yes!

Ayasha: What stores Wonder Curl sold in?

Scarlett: In New Jersey, our product is sold in Avenue U, in Brooklyn it’s sold in Wolfberry, and we distribute in 14 different health food stores throughout the southwest and southeast of the U.S.

Ayasha: What are your plans for Wonder Curl for 2015?

Scarlett: Since I am doing this full time, you can’t stop me now… I am planning to expand my brand by getting it into as many hands as possible. Wonder curl is a product that works so if I tell you the butter to love pudding is going to give you super soft curls that exactly what you are going to get. This is what separates my products from the rest. They will tell you something is going to happen then often times, it doesn’t… and that just leaves people disappointed.  9 times out of 10, my products are doing what they say and people love it.  People stock up on it!

Ayasha: That’s really good and your loyal customers will keep on coming back and spreading the word as well.  Natural hair is the one of the most popular hair trends among people of color. Everyone is trying to wear their hair natural now.  Since more of us are wearing our hair natural, we are always looking for products that will work better for hair textures and types because as we age our hair texture changes. Some of the products that we may have used when we were teenagers may no longer work the same as adults.

image06Scarlett:  Yes, I totally agree with you. I noticed when my hair was relaxed and I used to think my hair got used to product, then I would think I had to switch it up. Because it didn’t have the same look or I wasn’t getting the same results as before. Since I’ve been using my products exclusively, I consistently the same results every time.  I know for a fact that when I use the hair jelly I am going to get that definition I’m going for… even when the weather changes our products work well.

Ayasha: That sounds amazing… Anytime when it is raining, snowing, or any type of precipitation that’s when I notice that my hairstyle will automatically drop. By the time I get home, my hair is looking like I have been through World War I, II, & II. Now I am faced with the new task of trying to style my hair into something looks presentable. However, when we talk about Wonder Curl products hair care line what I like the best about your hair product that it works well in any element or season.  This is a very BIG plus!

Scarlett: You know that our summers can be brutal with the humidity. I had a blogger that who did a review on my product and she is lives in D.C. The thing she noted that she was indoors at Car Expo event even with the humidity states that “my curls did not drop!”

Ayasha: That’s fantastic!

Scarlett: I had another blogger out of in Brooklyn, she said there was a down pour even with the weather in the rainy conditions her curls still lasted while she was taking the subway.  Both bloggers have completed different textures of hair one has coarser hair the other has more of curlier texture.image01

Ayasha: Where can people find you?

Scarlett: You can go to www.wondercurl.com  and connect with us on Social Media: FB: https://www.facebook.com/wondercurlcom  Instagram http://instagram.com/wondercurl

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/wondercurl/?z=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/wondercurl UTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/wondercurlcom



As  Wonder Curl celebrates their 5 years anniversary this month, participate in the Wonder Curl Contest by sharing your best picture of you loving your hair in all it’s different styles…. http://www.wondercurl.com/curly-hair-blog/ Make sure you go to link listed to enter into “Loving Your Hair” Contest today.

Ayasha: Until next family…..Peace!


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